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End is Near Episodes
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Episode 1

  But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without selfcontrol, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God– having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them.
                                           ---2 Timothy 3:1-5
We all should have known it was coming, it was foretold thousands of years before. But sin had blinded us we cared more about ourselves and our own interests instead of looking around and agreeing that the world had become immoral, like some rotton apple which had infected the whole barrel. Well the time had come God was gonna shake things up.

Special Agent Gregory Greyson stiffled a yawn as he took another swig of his coffee. It had grown cold and bitter but there was no chance he was able to get a fresh cup.
Agent Greyson and his partner Special Agent Teagan, a robust  Africian-American woman in her early 40's sat in a "99" Red Ford, across from an Assembly of God church, they were on a stake out.
Earlier that day, there guys from Operation bugged the church, rumour had it that this church was a ring leader in causing trouble with the United Religious Front Council.
The agents job was to gather as much proof as possible and than swoop arresting as many of the ring leaders as possible.
"I hate these types of stake outs" Agent Teagan said "There is never any action, I mean come on, these people are just your average John and Jane Does, there not a threat to the Religious Council, we should be out arresting real criminals"
"There ignorant and dangerous fanatics. If they had nothing to hide they should have joined the U.R.F.C instead of protesting against it and labelling it evil. I dont know why Secretary General Law hasn't closed down all these places, the world would be so much better, these people are against Unity and Tolerance"
"I keep forgeting your a true blue United Global Earth loyalist, they say jump you always say how high" Agent Reagan said with a smirk.
Agent Greyson shot her a piercing look "All agents in this bureau should be loyal to the cause. The U.G.E is a great organisation it is working with all nations to promote peace and tolerance. It had acheived more than the stinking U.N."
"Look, I love my job and I love the way Mr Law is able to push for peace and harmony, but I feel if you force people to agree to ideals they dont agree with aint that preaching intolerance, and aint that a little hypocritical"
"Not if these people you talk about a obstructing the peace process. We must promote Unity, so that this world can survive"
"Look I dont wanna debate with you on politics, I hate it, and you always seem to win. So tell me how is that little boy of yours."
Agent Greyson gave a wide smile that gave away his feelings for his son, he let his mind picture his 5 month old son, Tyler is an angel. And Patience is so good with him, I finally feel like my family is whole."
"Happy families" Agent Teagen sighed "I envy you partner"
Agent Greyson glanced at his watch. "Will give them another half an hour than we can call it a day. You've got me thinking I really should get home surprise Patience, she'll be shocked I'm home early for a change"
"A man with a young family should really consider getting a normal 9 to 5 job"
Agent Greyson laughed at his colleague "Never Rhonda, I love this job too much, and where will I find a better partner like you"
Agent Teagan was about to reply when both there eyes tuned in on the radio, someone at the Assembly Of God had just mentioned the U.R.F.C.
"Pastor Wallace I feel so guilty. I know i'm not suppose to hate but the United Religious Front is a vipers den of immorality and evil, what are we gonna do about them"
"We are gonna pray that God works his love through them. Everything is for a reason and purpose. The U.R.F.C may think they are all powerful now, but when our Lord returns he will crush them, adn true believers will be taken to Heaven away from such immorality"
Agent Greyson picked up his phone and quickly relayed a mesage back to Headquaters for back up.
"What are we gonna do?" Agent Teagan asked
"We are gonna raid the AOG. There talks are bordering on terrorism against the United Religious Council, that is an offence under the United Global Earth Religious charter act"
"I'm guessing this isnt going to end up as an early night than"
"Good guess Rhonda"

The knock at her bedroom door jolted Laura Kraven from her delicious dream. She sat up and rubbed her eyes "What?" she called out.
Mrs Kraven a thin woman of about 45 with cool blue eyes and and a warm smile stuck her head in her daughters bedroom. "Come on dear, time to get up for church"
" I dont wanna goto church toady, I'm sick"she lied Laura groaned as she collapsed back on the bed.
"Laura can we please not have these stunts every Sunday. Please get up, everyone is waiting for you"
"I said I dont want to goto church anymore. I'm 17. Alex's mother doesnt harrass him about going to church"
"Well you are my daughter, not hers. Now get ready you've got 15 minutes"
As soon as her mother shut the door, Laura threw a pillow against it "Damn, I dont wanna go to stinking church I just want to sleep. Why cant she understand"
Laura was about to fall back asleep when she forced herself to get up.
She might as well and try and be nice to her mother today, considering she was driving her and her friends to a concert next Friday night. She couldnt wait to hear Phonix of Fire next week at the Concert Hall, tickets to the concert had been sold in a couple of hours, she was real lucky to get her hands on four tickets..
Not bothering to take a shower, she piled her hair underneath a  white baseball cap and tosed on some denim jeans and a purple blouse with the words "Jesus Saves" printed on it.
She stuck her half empty packet of cigarettes in her back pocket and hurried out her bedroom door.
Hoping to at least grab a piece of toast before heading of to 2 hours of boredom.
Her family may have forced her to goto church but there was no way she was going to sit in the front pew with the rest of the God squad, she choose a spot right near the exit door. Always good, you never have to stop for a  chit chat.
The pastor was more up beat than usual, he was telling the congregation, that it was through faith and not through works that gets Christians saved and into Heaven.
Laura believed that she was a good person, she didnt hurt anyone else, so she was guranteed a place in Heaven.
In the end all would go to Heaven regardless of what they believed.
Religion just wanted power over people and what better to have a God who demands you worship him only.
Laura stiffled a yawn and drove the pastors words from her mind as she scanned the pews in search of cute guys.
She saw a guy she knew from school, he turned and smiled at her, she gave him a sexy wink and licked her lips. He quickly turned away and she had to hold back a giggle.
She spent the last half of th sermon dozzing and she only woke when she heard the voice of her parents approaching her.
"See that wasnt so bad" her father said "Arn't you glad you came honey"
Laura shot her father a dirty look "I am thrilled, that I get to waste my time here instead of in a warm bed on a Sunday morning"
"It's all for Jesus" her youngest sister Margaret said.
"Can we go now, I might be able to watch the last part of Video Hits" Laura grumbled
"In a minute dear, we just have to talk to the pastors wife, about coming over for dinner this week"
Laura excused herself and ducked behind the church to have a cigarette. She couldnt believe how square her parents were. Who in the right mind invites the pastor and his wife over for tea.
She took a long drag and let out a stream of smoke. She wished sometimes she had more hipper parents, parents who were cool and not so dreadfully dull.

Rochelle Samson sat back in the make up chair, as Steffy her make up artist worked on her face, adding heavy eye shadow.
Rochelle yawned and flipped the page over from her script.
It was a great script but the hectic schedule was driving her crazy.
Too many night shoots kept her out to all hours of the morning, than she was expected back on set at 7 the next morning.
She closed her eyes and began to memorise the lines she needed for today.
Today was the big love scene between her and fellow actor Kevin Cassady. The characters were good they were young and in love but her evil father plotted to ruin the relationship.
The scene had them fleeing death and while hiding in a forest the two make passionate love. Rochelle really loved these kinds of movies, and the audience always ate it up. It was even more exciting cause it had a black female lead and a male white lead.
If he was lucky this part may get her a nomination for an Academy Award.
There was a knock at her trailor and the directors assisant stuck his head in.
 "We need you on set in 15 minutes Miss Samson" before she could respond her had disappeared and was walking over to the trailer of Kevin Cassidy.
Rochelle cast her eyes back to Steffy's desk and saw a thick heavy book lying there.
"I never took you for a Christian Steffy?"
 "I gave my life to Jesus 12 months ago,. Best thing I ever did, he has changed my life completly." Steffy said with a wiry smile
"I used to goto church also. I still believe in a God, but i'm just too busy to give him my whole life, you know what I mean. At the end of the day i'm too tired to sit and pray to a God who may not answer me"
"If your prayers are sincere, he will answer you" Stefy said
"Gee Steffy you are beginning to sound like my granny. Come on girl finish up with the make up. I dont want the director to have an excuse to chew my ass out today"

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