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Take a look at the characters you will grow to love and hate.

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Special Agent Gregory Greyson

Special Agent Gregory Greyson is a loyal agent for United Global Earth (U.G.E) A world government body which was set up after the world lost confidence in the United Nations. The U.N was removed after years of corruption and  convertly supporting terrorism for there power games.
Agent Greyson is career minded, he believes his in a great position to help the world.  Agent Greyson has gained the respect for his no nonsense attitude and has moved up the ranks fairly quickly.
He is married to his lovely wife Patience, together they have a  5 month old son Tyler.
Greyson's world fell apart when his wife and son where among those who vanished.  He is on a personal mission to find out what happened, as well as dealing with the added responsiblity of the U.GE  and it's newest Secreatry -General  Pacifist Thaddeus Law.
The very man who is about to be thrown into the position as President of Earth.

"I do my job and I do it damn well. But at the end of the day, I dont wanna hear about work, I just wanna hug my wife and kiss my son."---Agent Greyosn

Laura Kraven

Laura Kraven is the middle daughter of  Herman Kraven and his wife Louise, to devout Christian elders in the church.
Laura is unlike the rest of her family. She sees herself as a rebel, drinking, smoking and having a good time with her life.
Brought up in a Christian family, she tends to fake being a Christian just to please her parents, inside she is so over church and what it represents.
In fact she sees her families belief as a joke, she loves her agnostic view.
What will Laura do when her family vanish and she is left alone.
What will she do, when she realises she had the truth in front of her but rejected it.

"Who would have ever thought my dull parents were right.... jeepers I should have listened"---Laura Kraven

Rochelle Snyder

 Sexy Rochelle Samson is a well known and well loved Hollywood actress. Heading straight for her first Oscar.
Growing upo she had strong ties with her Christian grandmother, but the oppturnity to be a movie star has pushed God out of her mind
Rochelle was on set the day of the disappearences, she lost her male co-star during a kissing scene which really freaked her out.
The event shocked her as past memories from her childhood flied back, she realised she had swapped the truth fro money and fame.
The day of the disappearences she tries to overdose on Valium after being overcome with grief. But is saved.
Rochelle now has the task of trying to convice her loved ones, that Christ has returned and taken away his own, but the seem to think she is just crazy.
And will she accept an offer to be the spokesmodel for a worldwide mark that will ensure the security of every person on the planet.

"I have it all, beauty, money, success, I didnt need God. Now I would gladly exchange it all for just a moment in the presense of his Lord"

Aidan Moore

Aidan Moore is a News anchor man for ABC news. At times he can be selfish and arogant, he gets high on his position in life.
Dedicated and a professional in his field. He is always  rushing off doing a ground breaking interview or find the latest scoop. He has won numerous awards for his great news stories, and at times that has made him boastful and arrogant.
The disappearence have shocked him to the core, this is the biggest news story around the globe and he has no answers for it.
His parents both disappeared, his brother died in a train accident that day and his sister is still missing.
This is the first story he doesnt have an answer to, and that scares him. He has always considered himself an atheist,  and these disappearence have just made him more confused.
He want to know God but his mind keeps telling him there is no God.

"It's my job to uncover the truth, but what is the truth?"