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In the twinkling of an eye, millions of people upon the face of the Earth vanish.

Chaos sets in, as planes crash, cars spin out of control and fires ravage cities of the world.  Added to the chaos is the rapid increase in rapes, looting, murders, riots, panic and desperation as the world tries to come to grips with the terrible tragedies that have befallen them.

What has happened?  The world is at odds as to what has happened.    Why were all the children and only some adults taken, what made them so special and why was the rest of the world left.

Did God really come back for his choosen few? Was it aliens from outter space or some weapon of mass destruction people dont know about?

 And what happens now, will the rest be cast into hell or will they be giving a second chance.

Join this End times web serial. Discover the lives of certain characters as they come to understand the truth. Watch as some find the truth and turn to Jesus, while others continue to be deceived and wallow in their sins. As well as focusing on the end times issues we will also have your typical soap opera storylines, romance, betrayel, love triangles and gossip. All of it happening as the world hurtles towards the end.

The End is Near....What are you going to do?