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Characters #2

Take a look at the charactyers you'll grow to love and hate!

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Thaddeus Law

Secretary-General of United Global Earth (U.G.E). His global goal is for World Peace and total weapons disarment. He especially wants to see Israel at peace with her enemies.

He is dedicated to his career and in helping the world become one nation. At the moment U.G.E is in talks about forming a One World Currency, he hopes this will give every nation equal footing and also clamp down on fraud and other illegal activities.

 In the name of tolerance he has gotton the U.G.E to form A United Religious Front Council, made up of all religious and faith based bodies. There goal is to work towards a common peace and unity among the beliefs. Too many wars have been fought in the name of religion and Thaddeus wants it stopped.

The majority of the world see Thaddeus as a great world leader, man who keeps his promises and is working for their best interests.

"All I want is for mankind to live in peace, who will follow my dream"


Alexandria D'Romalotti

Wife of the President of the United Australian Territories, which consists of Australia, New Zealand and several of the smaller South Pacific nations,which aligned themselves for the common interest of trade, protection and economic factors.

Alexandria is a scheming trophy wife, who lives through her husbands glory. Where he was a gentle and caring soul, she is nothing more than a power hungry bitch.

Alexandria's  husband was one of millions who disappeared.

After shedding a few public tears she now plots to assume position as President, with the help of some of her military allies and lovers.


"I want it all....and no one is gonna stop me"


Nickolas Newman

He is in a leadership position of the United Religious Front Council.

He has his eyes on becoming sole representive of the (U.R.F)                    At the moment he is Archbishop, but if things go his way he will soon be delcaring himself Grand Pontiff of The United Religious Front, his goal is to control the world and using religion as the centre piece.

He knows everybody worships something and he wants to be able to control that.  Grew up as a very liberal Chrsitian, in the last few years has got into some hot water with Fundamenal Christian who see him ruining the good name for true Christians and corrupting good morals.

He was a driving force behind abortion, same sex marriage, and decriminalisation for drugs become accepted to the world at large. Where many in the world may not like religion they love this man who has fouhgt hard for rights they believe they deserve.

"I am not here to restrict you from your choosen lifestyle. Belive me I want you to embrace it"


Most High Divine Mother Aura Vanjeen

One of three leaders of the United Religious Front Council.

 Aura Vanjeen was selected becuse of her Wicca/Pagan beliefs and her tolerance to accept all faiths as one except for Christians and Jews who she feel are intolerant and haters of religious harmony.  Aura believes there is One God and One Goddess but at the same time that is open to negotiation, and she is pushing for sole control of the Council. Which she feels she will gain as she is the lover of Thaddeus Law.

Aura at times can be ruthless and sinister, but she believes she had the people's best interest at heart. She has recently reinvented the worship of the Goddess of Diana and the Goddess Venus, in doing so she has reinstated Temple Prostitution in Honour of Venus and Vestal Virgins in Honour of Diana. She is rarely seen alone, as she is always accompied by 4 of the Vestal Virgins.

"Only when Gaia is pleased, will we have perfect harmony with this planet"