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Characters #3
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Abdoul Mohammed the VI

Third leader of the United Religious Front Council.

Unlike his counterparts his goal is religious harmony, by any means possible. He wants to see the world worshipping one God in a perfect Utopia.

Friendly and outgoing he is man people can trust.

"Is it so hard to ask all religions to come under the banner of global peace"

Ruby Moore

Ruby is the younger sister of Newscastor Aidan Moore.
She works in a Primary school where she teaches Prep.
Ruby was working the day of the vanishings. When it happened she fell into shock of having see all the kids disappear, she than walked in on one of the teachers killing themselves.
Hysterical  she hoped in her car and started to drive home, only to accelrate a little too fast and crashed her car into a tree.
At the moment she is in a hospital, still unconcious, unaware of the chaos around her or the fact her brother is searching for her.

Saul Radcliffe

 Saul Radcliffe is the Director of the Special Agents Unit for the United Global Earth. Thaddeus is a man after his own heart. He admires him and wants to prove himself and his loyalty to him.
Moved up the ranks quite quickly thanks to the promotion from Thaddeus Law himself, as he is one that does his job to the fullest extent. Respected amongst his peers and fellow agents.
A hardline atheist he has no respect or love for religion. He barely tolerates the U.R.F.C and hopes to see it crushed as well as those religions who are still holding out.
His one goal is to punish subservants.
Comes as quite a shock when he loses both sons in the disappearences. And a daughter who was killed on a commuter train by robbers after the vanishings.
His one last joy is his loving and caring wife Martha, who was also left.
But will the terrible vanishings change his wife.

Martha Radcliffe

Martha is the loving and caring wife of Special Agents Director Saul, and like him she is a keen supporter of Thaddeus Law and his Unity agenda..Like her husband her perfect world was turned up side down when her 2 sons vanished and her daughter was murdered.
Shocked to the core, Martha did the one thing she thought she would never do again, hit the bottle, she wants to drink to forget all the pain and misery she has started to feel.
Unlike her husband she doesnt find religion all that bad. In fact her sons were trying to teach her about Jesus. She was beginning to respond until the disappearences, will those vanishings change her view.