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The United Global Earth was formed in 2005. Years of corruption and sitting back and doing nothing had caused the United Nations to crumble.  The world had lost confidence in the UN.
The world watched as the nations bickered amongst themselves. Everyone believed chaos was soon to reign as nations such as China, Russia and North Korea fought to try and gain control of the now crumbling UN.
Wars threatened to erupt, and precious monetary UN funds were wasted.
Suddenly out of the chaos a man appears on the world state. He is the newly appointed ambassador from Greece and he  Offers a way to peace and unity.
At first countires are skepitical, but he lays out his plans and how each country can help make Earth truly United.
 With the support of the EU, the USA and African Federation Union he is elected into power, and immediately strips the former Secretary General of all powers.And takes over his role.
What begins is months of peace talks, collboration and unity among all the nations of the world.
He removes all corrupt officals and ambassadors and replaces them with ones he and the world can trust.
No one makes a fuss about hjis tactics as they see he is a great man working towards peace.
Soon enough people are flocking to support him, the rich, the powerful and heads of state through there support behind him.
Is this the man the world has been waiitng for, are we finally going to have peace and unity among all nations?
They think so. The U.G.E has been up and running for only a few years, but they have done more than the UN ever dreamed of doing.

United Religious Front Council


The United Religious Front Council was set up in January 2007.
The world had grown  tired of the religious intolerance  and the wars that were fought in the name of God.
With the aid and funding of the new United Global Earth, under the supervision of Thaddeus Law they were able to persuade the major religions of the Earth to form under a banner of Religious Unity.
 Liberal Catholics, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews and Buddists were keen to accept the proposal. They in fact got together to form a URFC constitution.
Soon enough other religions such as Wicca, Paganism, Satanism,Taoism, and Shinto joined the fold. With the great faiths behind them, they were soon unable to convice other smaller religions, faiths and cults to join in the name of tolerance and acceptance.
Soon enough even Atheists and Agnostics had formed and had representatives at the U.R.F.C.
The only hold outs were the conservatives of each faith. It has been an on going battle to get these groups to join, especially Orthodox Jews and Conservative Christians who are the two major hold outs. Unfortuntly these two groups protest that the uniting of all world faiths is evil and will bring about the end times.
The U.R.F.C is governed by 3 co-leaders each signed on for 2 years. Where as they will than be rotated to give all faiths a chance of there members holding office.

PEACE                     TOLERANCE                        UNITY