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About the Creator
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Greetings and Salutations,
My name is Glenn Griffiths and I am the Creator of the "End is Near" web serial.
I'm a 26 year old Christian who loves reading my bible especially the book of Revelations. I find it mysterious and intriguing. It just sends shivers down my spine when I read it.
I love end times prophecies, and I  also love soap operas. So I thought why not join both of my interests together and create a far out web serial.
End is Near is purely made up. Where alot of the events are taken from the Book of Revelations which is true, the characters and certain events are purely from my imagination.
So welcome, I hope you enjoy the serial.
To get in contct with me send me an e-mail at

Relaxing and posing

Creator and Writer of "End is Near"

Favorite Book:     The Bible or Wuthering Heights or Valley of 
                                 the Dolls
Favourite Movie:  Passion of the Christ, Clue and Kill Bill Vol 1
Favourite Song:  We didnt start the Fire or Wuthering Heights
Favourite Drink:  Coca cola
Favourite Food:  Pasta, Sheperds pie
Favourite Soap:  The Young and the Restless
Favourite Serial: Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210
Favourite Acress: Julia Roberts, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Marilyn
Favourite Actor:  Audie Murphy, Kevin Costner, Rock Hudson